Justyn Z.

Jean Pierre is a genius with food, creating meals that are an artful, aesthetic and nourishing experience. Once you've had some tasty dish from his organic and molecular menus, you will wonder why he isn't chefing in a Manhattan 5-star restaurant. Despite his credentials and obvious talents, Jean Pierre still wants to stay close to the origins of the food and ingredients he uses, close to the soil its farmed in, and he wants his work to have that personal connection. That extra care, and the wonderfully creative dishes he serves make him a truly excellent chef.

John C.

Chef Jean-Pierre is a magician in the kitchen.  I have seen him create surprisingly beautiful and delicious dishes from whatever resources are available, and I have seen him plan wonderful menus for special occasions.  I have also enjoyed several meals he has prepared, both for large groups and in more intimate settings.  Jean-Pierre is a man of service, keenly attuned to the desires of those he is serving.  He is a charming man, an artist, a raconteur, and a talented poet.  He creates memorable meals, and memorable occasions that one can savor for a long time after the evening is over.

Gina V.

Not only does Chef Jean-Pierre bring a convivial personality to the intimate celebrations he enlivens, his ability to prepare any style of food in the most exquisite ways is phenomenal. His creations are truly food for the soul that make the gathering all that much more satisfying and memorable.

Max A.

Jean Pierre's attention to detail and exquisite palette makes everything look and taste amazing. I cannot wait to enjoy his culinary alchemy again. You will be sure to have a night to remember, along                                                         with many delicious flavors and smells to savor.

Amir E.

Chef Jean-Pierre is a master in the kitchen. If you were to watch him preparing a delectable meal you would be surprised at his calm and coolness. He knows his ingredients so well that everything is perfectly 'to taste'. Furthermore, his wide variety of dishes and cuisines that he pulls from will allow you to experience a unique dining experience catered to your tastes. Or be delightfully surprised by him! A true alchemist...

John L.

We have had the opportunity to have a chef prepared meal created by Jean Pierre on a few occasions. I must say that what he brings is so much more than a meal. It is a full on culinary experience. The smells, the sounds of the meal being prepared, the taste of samples along the way, making me beg for more. The attention and conversation is lovely throughout the evening. The food he brings and local and clean sourced and so delicious. We have had him prepare a meal for just the two of us and also for a party of 8. Each experience was fantastic and so fulfilling. Jean Pierre is a true master in the kitchen. He brings all his own gear and spices so when he was done, our kitchen was spotless. 

If you are seeking to celebrate something special or have a meal prepared for a gathering, Jean Pierre is perfect for you. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Jean Pierre

Where to begin...

First, the food. I have had the pleasure to enjoy the offerings of Jean-Pierre on multiple occasions and I am always blown away. His knowledge of food, paired with his knowledge of our "amazing" local ingredients and seasonality is a recipe for a truly fresh and authentic culinary experience that will no doubt leave you wanting more.  

Second, the spirit. J.P. brings so much soul and love to his work. I am no stranger to good food, and the best, always seems to be backed by a true love of food and the power of the culinary experience. J.P. has this in spades and I am sure that anybody who has a chance to be around him, especially in his "natural" environment, the kitchen, will feel this radiating from his being.

Finally, his professionalism. I have also had the unique opportunity to work with him in the kitchen and I can say that it was nothing short of magical. He is a true master, and bring a calm serenity to his work and the overall environment. I have learned so much about food and preparation from him. Behind his love of food is a big hearted teacher that will leave you more knowledgable than he found you.

I highly recommend working with the Alchemist for any culinary event that you are considering and sure that you will not be disappointed.

Craig F.

THE FOOD IS AWESOME. Chef JP is amazing. Have experienced his cooking three times, most recently for a private dinner party.  Everything was cooked to perfection, and he even made dishes that were gluten free. The stew was incredible,  and he made an amazing dish with different types of mushrooms, wow! He was super friendly and fun to talk with as well. It is clear he loves what he does and it shows up in the cooking.

Sean D.